Meet our Company Company Located in Dois Córregos / SP, has been selling
chemical products for more than 19 years.
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About us

Skills Química was created in 1999 with the objective of serving the sugar and ethanol industry with industrial chemicals in the sugar and alcohol manufacturing process.

Company located in Dois Córregos/SP, with about 20 years of operation, markets and distributes SNF FLOERGER polymers for several applications.

Areas of Expertise

Produção de Açúcar

Sugar Production

Broth treatment in Decanter
Syrup Treatment in Float

– Powdered Anionic and Cationic Polymers and Liquid Cationic Polyamines (Discolorants)

Produção de Álcool

Alcohol Production

Treatment of Broth in decanter
- Powdered Anionic and Cationic Polymers

Sistemas de Filtração de Lodo

Sludge Filtration Systems

- Powdered Anionic and Cationic Polymers

Our Services

Continuous technical assistance

Skills Química have a team of experts application of polymers who are continuously in the field assisting our customers to obtain the best performance of the products offered.

Polymer Application Training

We offer the whole sugar and alcohol market training on the application of polymers with the goal of empowering users to existing best practices.

Product Development for New Applications

We identify the needs of our customers and we try to solve them by testing new products for various applications.

Perform bench and plant tests

We perform bench tests with all the polymers offered in order to determine the best product for each application and after we verified the results obtained through plant tests.

Personalized customer service

We have a team of professionals trained to meet the needs of each client in an agile and effective way.

Evaluation of the results obtained

We follow up throughout the harvest on each client and, at the end of it, we present the work accomplished and the results obtained with the application of our products and services. We also discussed the recommendations made for improvement in the industrial process aiming at the maximum use of the products offered.

Our products

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Material for Download

Floquip - Polymer Make-up Equipment
Floquip - Polymer Make-up Equipment
Apostila sobre Clarificação
Clarification Handout
Water Soluble Polymers
Water Soluble Polymers
Preparation of Organic Polymers
Preparation of Organic Polymers
Preparo e Aplicação de Polímero
Preparation and Application of Polymer